Fireand Smoke Damage

One of the most devastating losses anyone can experience is a fire. When a fire occurs, heat and smoke can send carcinogens into the air and porous household items and building materials.

Smoke can permeate areas of your home that was not affected by the fire. With quick intervention, many building materials that would otherwise require demolition can be preserved. The removal of smoke and odor is a very complex process and should only be done by those with the proper training. Our team is highly trained in assessment of salvageable materials, encapsulation, and ozone treatments.

The Resto Wizards team takes a personal approach to the clean up and repair of your fire damaged home. We are available not only to assist in the clean up and restoration of your home, but also to help you navigate through your insurance claim. We use the same estimation software as most insurance companies which expedites your claim. You can be assured that your fire damaged home will be handled by top quality professionals.